Black Hair Or Blonde? WINNER’s Yoon Makes His Choice, And You’ll Probably Agree

He shared which one he prefers!

There are some idols who fans are convinced were probably born blonde at this point, and WINNER‘s Yoon is one of them!

Yoon | @WINNER/Youtube

While he looks good in every style, he recently revealed that his preferred choice of hair color was blonde, and explained why!

Yoon recently sat down for a “bitter-sweet” interview, where he commented and reacted to his viral memes! One of the images he had to react to during the interview was a picture of him with blonde hair, and asked him to choose between a natural dark hair color and the bright blonde he’s been sporting of late!

If you had to, which would you choose between being blonde or having dark hair?

Yoon commented on how both are great, and that this is a hard question! He then ultimately chose to be blonde, because it fits well with his daily moods!

I like being blonde when I’m in my usual mood. It makes you look stylish no matter what you put on. I think I would choose being blonde in my daily life.


He then also revealed why he decided to go blonde for his new comeback!

The album draws on the emotions of a break-up, and I kind of wanted to show you [the fans] something close to being sexy. So I decided to bleach my hair!


You can watch him talk about it here!

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