BLACKSWAN’s Fatou Denies Bullying Allegations While Calling Out Leia For Disrespecting Her Family

Fatou shared all the alleged details about Leia’s behavior.

Girl group BLACKSWAN has recently started to make headlines for bullying allegations regarding members Fatou and Leia.


Fatou recently addressed the ongoing allegations made against her in a now-deleted tweet. Twitter user @fuckoffbro__ shared screenshots of Fatou’s alleged previous tweets that revealed details regarding her fellow member Leia and the accusations that have been made against her.

BLACKSWAN member, Fatou | DR Music

According to Fatou, Leia has been “a gigantic headache to everyone in the company” due to her selfish tendencies. She shared that Leia never thinks about the people around her and does “whatever she wants.” Fatou then detailed a specific example of how Leia supposedly engaged in selfish ways during a performance for Music Bank.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. After careful consideration about everything being done and said I can’t hold it in anymore. We have a member in our group named Leia (Larissa). She is a gigantic headache to everyone in the company. From our CEO to our teachers down to us, the members.

The biggest problem is she always, every single second of the day, thinks only about herself. This is a group. She’s not a solo artist. Without any consideration about the people around her, she does whatever she wants without ever thinking about other people. Everyone has to run around her. Everyone has to match to her beat. Everyone has to only think about her. Why? Because in her mind, she should always be the main focus in everything. You say something she does not agree with? She makes up a whole story surrounding that topic and makes you out to be the bad guy and she always is, in every single story, the victim.

A very small example. While waiting for our performance at Music Bank for ‘Close to me,’ our fan manager told us to take pictures individually because she needs our individual pictures to post on our group’s Instagram. So that’s what I was doing, suddenly she appears next to me to take pictures together. I told her no, I need to take pics alone this time like every other member was doing and she too at one point.

But because I said no that time, she brought it up during a meeting we had with our director. She took that situation and she changed into me not liking her and that’s why I didn’t want to take pictures with her. There have been many of these types of situations. Not only with me but with the other members too. But she’s always particularly zoomed in on me I don’t know why.

— Fatou’s alleged deleted tweet provided by @fuckyoubro__

BLACKSWAN member, Leia | DR Music

According to Fatou’s detailed multi-series tweets, Leia (referred to as Lisa in the tweet due to her birth name, Larissa) was also allegedly heard saying numerous times that she didn’t “want to be in the group” any longer, showing her true colors.

This also happened very recently. After arriving at our dorm, Lisa began calling her friend and telling them she’s going to ruin us when she’s out (this is also something she says a lot ‘I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be in this group’). And people are going to take her side anyway because she’s Brazilian, and [she] started laughing really loudly with her friend.

That’s something I’ve never expected to come out of her mouth. I was really shocked because that’s not the Lisa she shows me. But also recently, I’ve found out that she is actually like this behind my back. She keeps twisting and turning her words. Shows a different side of herself to people she thinks will be useful to her later.

— Fatou’s now deleted tweet provided by @fuckyoubro__

Leia (left) and Fatou (right) | @blackswan___official/Instagram

Fatou went a step further by sharing allegations about Leia manipulating and gaslighting everyone.

She manipulates and gaslights everyone. To the point that I’m amazed at how someone like her actually exists. One thing she also likes to do is deny that certain words came out of her mouth. While there are literally 4~5 people in the room that clearly heard her say those words. She would bold face just deny that those words ever came out of her mouth.

This drives a person crazy.

— Fatou’s now deleted tweet provided by @fuckyoubro__

| @blackswan___official/Instagram

The BLACKSWAN member also made claims that Leia had problems accepting the fact that the other members could have their own fans apart from her—which Fatou alleges made Leia even more irate. Fatou also shed some light on Leia’s alleged mental history, stating that “she’s had mental problems since she was young.”

When we ask her if she ever thinks about the group, she says no. She feels bad and jealous when the other members grow more fans and followers because she thinks she always has to be the main focus. If she’s not, she starts yapping and saying that we/people don’t like her… She said with her own mouth that the fans we have now she’s the one that brought them in. But every single member has their own charm and talent that attract fans and people.

She’s had mental problems since she was young back in Brazil and had to take pills. But she goes around behind my back and tells people she takes them because of me.

— Fatou’s now deleted tweet provided by @fuckyoubro__

| @blackswan___official/Instagram

And while Fatou was able to handle all of the above situations out of professionalism, it was an alleged act of disrespect shown by Leia towards Fatou’s family that made Fatou “turn against her”—which she claims was the exact moment Leia started accusing her of “bullying.”

The fact that I finally got to see my family again did not sit right with her. She said why can Fatou see her family while she can’t. Instead of being happy for me, like the rest of the members, she was being bratty about it. I get it you miss your family, I understand. But to then start saying, ‘I didn’t even want to come to Belgium. It’s tiring. Why can Fatou see her family while I can’t?’ That’s ridiculous. She then enters my house back in Belgium and disrespects my whole family. That’s when I completely turned against her.

You can act that way towards me, fine whatever but touch my family and I’ll become a whole different person towards you. Since that trip, I started to distance myself from her. Till the point I completely stopped interacting with her. Because I’m not about to be all buddy buddy with someone who disrespects my family and me. But even that she turns it into me ‘hating’ on her for no reason and me ‘bullying’ her for no reason.

That’s why on the 25th of October I completely exploded towards her. She kept denying everything over and over again, changing her words over and over again. I said a lot of harsh things which I regret doing so because I never should’ve stooped as low as her. She never thinks about the stuff she did wrong. In her mind, she could do disgusting stuff to other people but when you do the same thing to her it becomes a problem.

— Fatou’s now deleted tweet provided by @fuckyoubro__

Fatou’s alleged explosive tell-all tweets were made public following the alleged bullying accusations made against her by a Portuguese netizen claiming to be Leia’s relative. While those tweets have also since been deleted, they detailed numerous ways that Fatou allegedly bullied Leia since back in October 2020.

| @blackswan___official/Instagram

BLACKSWAN’s agency DR Music has not responded to any of the circulating allegations made by Fatou and Leia. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: Twitter