Rapper Lil Nas X Fanboying Over BLACKPINK Is A Total Mood

He was more than ready to see the girls perform.

Not only did BLACKPINK make history at the 2022 VMAs (also known as the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards), they had many well-known celebrities falling for their warm personalities and charismatic performance.

Lisa and Rosé at the “2022 VMAs.” | @MTV/Twitter

One of those celebrities was American rapper Lil Nas X, who was captured having a relatable fanboy moment over the group.

Lil Nas X at the “2022 VMAs.” | @LilNasX/Twitter

When a host of the awards show introduced a K-Pop group that was “taking over the world,” Lil Nas X didn’t have to think twice about who they were.

The rapper could be seen saying, “Oh, BLACKPINK,” to his friend beside him. Lil Nas X then had a moment where his mouth dropped open in surprise.

While some BLINKs thought the rapper was expressing his excitement for seeing Jisoo, he appeared to say something along the lines of, “Oh my god, this is cool!

Nonetheless, fans were excited to see that Lil Nas X was also a fan of BLACKPINK and could relate to how excited he was to see them.

Despite taking home three awards himself, Lil Nas X’s reaction to seeing BLACKPINK hit the stage with “Pink Venom” was one many BLINKs could relate to.


Source: Twitter