BLACKPINK Is Being Accused of Lip-Syncing During Their Illinois Concert

Jennie also faced a wardrobe malfunction while performing.

On April 24, 2019, BLACKPINK held their concert in the Allstate Arena in Illinois. There, people started noticing that BLACKPINK may have been lip-syncing to their track “Don’t Know What To Do.”

Fans state that the vocals were already playing at the start, but none of the members held the microphones to their mouth. Specifically, during Jennie‘s first lines, she is seen walking with the microphone to her chest even though her voice can be heard on the speakers. She then brings it up to her mouth, but her part has already started. Fellow member Lisa was also slow during her first lines.

People are upset that they were lip-syncing at a concert and claim that they showed no effort since there were times where they didn’t lift the microphones to their mouths. Many are saying that they all can sing well and it’s disappointing that they are lip-syncing.

Jennie also experienced a wardrobe malfunction on stage. She can be seen clutching her top as if it was loose and about to fall of. She completely stops dancing at one point while the other members continue to perform.

She ends up walking off the stage, leaving Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé to perform without her.

Jennie returns to the stage after fixing her clothes.

The wardrobe malfunction is not Jennie’s fault, but some people couldn’t help but criticize her, claiming that it was unprofessional for her to just walk off the stage mid-performance.

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