Former YG Creative Director Shares Unreleased Debut Pictures Of BLACKPINK, And Even Another Potential Name For The Group

It was the perfect way to celebrate the group’s 6th anniversary!

Over the years, BLACKPINK has wowed netizens with their talent, visuals, and personality. Each member has their own unique style that has captured the hearts of fans and made them one of the hottest girl groups in K-Pop.

Members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

Since they debuted back in 2016, netizens have watched the members grow not just in themselves but their confidence and presence on stage.

BLACKPINK’s debut track “BOOMBAYAH” released alongside “Whistle” | BLACKPINK/YouTube
“DDU DU DDU DU” music video | BLACKPINK/YouTube
“Lovesick Girls” music video | BLACKPINK/YouTube     

In particular, August 8 marks the anniversary of the group’s debut, and this year, BLACKPINK is celebrating their six-year anniversary. All of the members shared their own posts to celebrate the occasion…

Yet, one Instagram post has gained special attention after a former YG creative director shared some unreleased photos from the group’s debut that BLINKs never got to see.

In the photos, the idols’ visuals seemed a lot more innocent as many of the members were barely out of their teens. The concept seemed fresh, and it was impossible not to notice how young they looked.

| @axis_sinxity/Instagram
| @axis_sinxity/Instagram
| @axis_sinxity/Instagram
| @axis_sinxity/Instagram

The user even shared some solo shots of Jisoo and Jennie. Even though they have grown so much, the idols looked flawless even in LQ images.

| @axis_sinxity/Instagram
| @axis_sinxity/Instagram

There was even a video that showed the filming of an iconic BLACKPINK moment where all the members walked out together. For fans who know the history of the group, it’s a clip that has so much meaning!

| @axis_sinxity/Instagram

Yet, one image really caught the attention of fans, and it was a picture that looked very familiar to fans from the group’s debut.

In the original shot that was released when the group debuted, all four members are sitting in a car and looking fabulous. However, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that whereas the old image had the name “BLACKPINK” on the car registration, the new photo had “BABY MONSTER.”

| @axis_sinxity/Instagram

In 2022, BABY MONSTER is known as the name of YG Entertainment’s pre-debut group and Jisoo had revealed that it was a potential name for the group. The recent picture shows that it was more than just an idea and seemed to be the initial choice for the group’s name, considering they used it on the props.

When BLINKs saw the photo, they couldn’t believe how close the group was to being called BABY MONSTER and how relieved they were that it didn’t happen.

After six years, BLACKPINK continues to showcase their popularity and with a comeback coming soon, these throwback pictures have BLINKs feeling very nostalgic!

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Source: @axis_sinxity