(★TRENDING) BLACKPINK Becomes The First Girl Group In 9 Years To Enter The Billboard Hot 100

BLACKPINK is the 3rd K-Pop artist to ever rank on the Billboard Top 100 Chart in the US!

BLACKPINK has ranked on the Billboard Top 100 Chart with “DU-DDU DU-DUU”, the first K-Pop girl group to make the list since 2009!

BLACKPINK’s “Square Up” album dropped in June after a long wait, and it didn’t disappoint, with “DU-DUU DU-DDU” breaking the record for the fastest K-pop girl group with 10 million Youtube views!


And now it’s ranked #55 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in the US!


BLACKPINK was previously expected to rank somewhere near No. 81 to 83.


The tracked gained such popularity that it began being played on radio stations around America thanks to fan requests!


It also peaked at #27 on the Japan Top 100 Chart on 23 June.


A spot on the Top 100 chart in the US has only been achieved by three K-Pop artists – Wonder Girls, BTS and now BLACKPINK.

BTS peaked at #10 for “Fake Love” in February and reached #67 for “DNA” in 2017.


Wonder Girls’ English version of “Nobody” was the first track to debut at #76 on the Hot 100 in 2009, helping to pave the way for K-Pop in the US.


Now, 9 years later, BLACKPINK is continuing to break records and fans can’t wait to see what else 2018 brings for the girls!

Source: Billboard