Singer-Songwriter Bekuh BOOM Reveals That She Originally Expected BLACKPINK’s “Typa Girl” To Be For Lisa’s Next Solo Release

It sounds amazing with all of them on the track, though.

In an interview with Variety, singer-songwriter Bekuh BOOM opened up about her relationship with BLACKPINK and her contribution to their latest album, BORN PINK.

Bekuh BOOM’s relationship with the girls started when BLACKPINK were still trainees. As Bekuh BOOM had left America in 2012 to pursue music deals in Seoul, South Korea, she ended up at YG Entertainment, where she shared the same Korean teacher as BLACKPINK. Not only that, she co-wrote their debut songs, “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH,” so she truly was with BLACKPINK from day one.

As the whole theme of BORN PINK is BLACKPINK reflecting on their past, it only makes sense to bring Bekuh BOOM back for another song, and “Typa Girl” is quickly becoming a fan favorite. It’s no surprise, given the powerful message of the lyrics and the flawless delivery from the girls.

‘It’s a song to empower women. When I hear it, I feel like the shit — and I want other women to hear it and feel that way too.

— Bekuh BOOM


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♬ Typa Girl – BLACKPINK

Bekuh BOOM also revealed that she hadn’t known this song would be on the album. If it were to be released, she expected it to be for Lisa‘s next solo single; nevertheless, she’s ecstatic that it’s a part of BORN PINK.

I thought Lisa might use it for her next solo single, but I’m super happy that it’s going to be on the album.

— Bekuh BOOM

Just listening to Lisa’s rap part, it’s clear why “Typa Girl” is the perfect track for her. However, that’s not to say that the other girls didn’t slay.

For one, Jennie‘s lines were delivered with the utmost power and grace, just like many of the iconic lines she has throughout the album (and across BLACKPINK’s entire discography).

Despite being a hip-hop track, Rosé‘s vocals still shone bright, especially if you listen to her hidden vocals on the song. You can never go wrong with harmony, especially with Rosé.

And for once, Jisoo has the most lines. After constant mistreatment from the company that continues to this day, they’re finally treating her right, and on a hip hop track, no less (not that this excuses their past behavior, but it’s hopefully the first of many wins).

Whether as Lisa’s solo track or BLACKPINK’s killer B-side, it’s clear that this song was 100% made for the girls, and it’s quickly becoming an anthem for all BLINKs.

Source: Variety