Some BLINKs Allegedly Think BLACKPINK Might Disband Next Year, And These Are The Reasons Why

Will BLACKPINK make it through the “seven-year curse”?

Since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, they are fast approaching their 7th anniversary coming up in 2023! While this is certainly an accomplishment for any group, it has some fans concerned due to the “seven-year curse” that so many former K-Pop groups seem to have suffered from.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the “seven-year curse”, the term is used among K-Pop fans to describe the all-too-common occurrence of K-Pop groups losing a member or disbanding around their seven-year anniversary. Oftentimes this is due to contracts with their labels being seven years long, and past groups that have disbanded at this time include SISTAR4MINUTE, miss AKARA, and 2NE1.

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It’s likely that BLACKPINK’s contract will be ending in 2023, and while everyone hopes that they’ll decide to renew it and continue on as four members, some BLINKs allegedly believe that they might end up disbanding.

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One of the reasons for this is due to Jisoo‘s interview with Rolling Stone magazine. On May 27, BLACKPINK was the first girl group to have an interview with the magazine, which was a huge honor! While all of the members shared some of their struggles, however, some of the comments that Jisoo made concerned BLINKs.

BLACKPINK | Rolling Stone magazine

Even though Jisoo once said that she wasn’t the type to express much, even when something upset her, she admitted in the interview that she was tired during the interview. She also mentioned that her legs were injured, and expressed her relief that they hadn’t yet started the choreography for their next comeback.


She went on to say that being a celebrity “doesn’t resonate much” with her, and that she doesn’t feel like a “world star”. This could just be Jisoo being humble, but some fans think it could be taken differently. She also has said that sometimes she didn’t perform out of passion, but more out of a sense of responsibility and duty.

For these reasons and others, BLINKs worry that even if BLACKPINK doesn’t disband, that Jisoo might not renew her contract.


Another reason some fans are worried about disbandment is due to the group’s lack of comebacks along with frequent solo social media updates. They’re the only girl group that has gone for over a year and 8 months between comebacks, and it wasn’t even due to injuries or scandals like other groups who have had long hiatuses.

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Instead of having full-group comebacks, each member was able to find their own individual interests and focus on them, rather than working on releasing music as a group. While it’s great to see each member being able to find their passion, it makes it more difficult to create music as BLACKPINK.

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Finally, a third reason that has some BLINKs concerned about disbandment is the rise of new monster rookie girl groups. Since BLACKPINK had their last comeback, several companies have debuted very promising K-Pop girl groups, such as SM Entertainment‘s aespaJYP Entertainment‘s NMIXXStarship Entertainment‘s IVESource Music‘s LE SSERAFIM, and others.


While these give BLACKPINK a fair amount of competition on their own, this rise of new fourth-generation girl groups has many netizens believing that YG Entertainment may debut a new girl group to focus on soon, too. There have been many hints that a new girl group possibly called Baby Monster will be debuting soon over the last couple of years.

Since the label has a tendency to let older groups fend for themselves while focusing on new groups, BLINKs worry that this might happen with BLACKPINK and a new girl group.

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While all of these, of course, are just speculations and concerns and not actual proof, it’s understandable why some fans are worried about BLACKPINK’s future. Hopefully their upcoming comeback will be able to comfort BLINKs!

Source: BeBoss TV