BLINKs Express Anger After YouTube Channel TwoSet Violin “Disses” BLACKPINK In A Parody Of The Group’s Track “Shut Down”

Those with classical music knowledge have come to the duo’s defense!

BLACKPINK is undoubtedly one of the biggest K-Pop idol groups in the world. Yet, with so much success, it isn’t surprising that their global fame means that they are often the target of “hate” and “criticism.”

Members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

Yet, YouTube channel TwoSet Violin has come under fire for allegedly “Bullying” BLACKPINK in their latest track, “Sell Out.”

TwoSet Violin is a musical comedy duo consisting of Australian violinists Brett Yang and Eddy Chen. The pair is best known for their musical comedy on their YouTube channel. Although they are known for their comedic videos, BLINKs took offense to a recent video called “Sell Out,” which was a parody of the group’s song “Shut Down.”

In the song, the duo is using a sample from well-known composer Niccolò Paganini‘s famous piece “La Campanella,” which was used in “Shut Down.” In the opening bars, the video seems to focus on an artist gaining fame and then losing themselves by using the same two bars in a song, which is seen in “Shut Down.”

The song then directly went on to mention “K-Pop Queens,” and many believed that when they said, “You better think twice,” the emphasis on the final word was also referencing the K-Pop girl group TWICE.

There were references to selling souls to labels, the principles of art being lost with fame, lyrics, and the idea of “Brand deals.” For many, this was a direct criticism of the BLACKPINK members, who are known for being global ambassadors for some of the biggest luxury brands.

There was also a direct reference to Lisa‘s solo track “Money.”

The track was released on music platforms and many saw the similarities between the cover of “Sell Out” and BLACKPINK’s covers for Born Pink.

The image art for “Sell Out”

The covers for BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” albums

When the song was released, many netizens and supporters of the YouTube channel explained that it was just a “parody” and “light-hearted” because it is what they do. Yet, others were not so impressed.

In particular, BLINKs believed it was disrespectful to the group, adding it was not only demeaning to the group but the lyrics seemed misogynistic. Others pointed out that it was using four women who have faced misogyny in a country that still seems to have patriarchal views of society.

Yet, the reason it has mixed views is that many comments on the YouTube video seemingly got the references. Rather than insulting the group, many viewers pointed out that it was about the composer Paganini, who was sampled in “Shut Down.”

Many classical music fans believe that Paganini was extremely talented and like a “rockstar.” However, many thought he had “sold his soul” by not living up to those expectations.

Others believe that the idea of this line and the “what a disgrace to art” was more targeted at the overall K-Pop industry rather than just BLACKPINK.

TwoSet Violin is yet to respond to the allegations and criticisms from BLACKPINK fans.

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