BLINKs Refute Claims Made by the Media That BLACKPINK Was Late to a Recent Event

BLINKs are sharing photos in efforts to prove that BLACKPINK was actually waiting backstage.

The 70th-anniversary event for ADIDAS recently took place in Seoul, Korea, where BLACKPINK was to meet David Beckham between 11:55 AM and 12:05 AM KST.

But the event didn’t take place at the scheduled time, and some media outlets claimed in their reports that BLACKPINK arrived at the event later than they were supposed to.

As soon as such reports went out, BLINKs came to BLACKPINK’s defense by refuting that they were not late and that they were on standby backstage.

Furthermore, fans even shared photos of the idols waiting backstage as proof and claimed that BLACKPINK was scheduled to participate in the second half of the event, not the first.

Some media outlets even claimed that BLACKPINK was unable to meet David Beckham because they were late.

In response, BLINKs shared photos they captured of BLACKPINK meeting David Beckham in efforts to refute the claims being made.

While the reason is unknown, it’s been reported that the event was postponed and began at 1 PM KST.

Source: Insight