Actor’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Goes Viral For Her Adorable & Impressive BLACKPINK “BOOMBAYAH” Dance Cover

Watch Lucy’s performance for your daily dose of cuteness!

If you think you’re the biggest BLACKPINK fan out there, just wait until you see this adorable three-year-old girl’s dance cover of “BOOMBAYAH”!

Lucy Lee turned three years old just days ago, but she’s already a budding Instagram star. The daughter of Hong Kong actor and rapper Sam Lee Chan-sam, Lucy already has 239,000 followers on the account her mother manages.


This precious toddler loves to sing and dance, so alongside updating followers on Lucy’s daily life, her mother also uploads plenty of videos of Lucy’s cute performances. Now, one performance in particular is attracting a ton of attention: Lucy’s cover of BLACKPINK’s debut track, “BOOMBAYAH”.

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In several video clips uploaded to Lucy’s Instagram account a few weeks ago, Lucy can be seen absolutely owning “BOOMBAYAH”. As she attempts to sing along to the Korean lyrics, Lucy imitates every move from the dance with pretty impression precision—from Rosé‘s floor move…


… to the iconic head shake!



A clip of Lucy’s performance was soon reuploaded to the popular meme and video Instagram account 9GAG, where it amassed over 1.5 million views in less than a week.

On top of that, Lucy’s performance got spotted by Soonho Choi, who works with BLACKPINK. He tagged the group when he shared the three-year-old’s performance with his own Instagram followers and followed her account, so it’s entirely possible the members may have seen her adorable cover too.


And that’s not the only time Lucy has shown off her love for BLACKPINK. Earlier this month, the baby BLINK sang and danced to “Lovesick Girls”.


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In a recent photoshoot, magazine Madame Figaro even let Lucy hold her own mini BLACKPINK cover concert. Who knows—maybe you’ll see her in a K-Pop group of her own in a decade or two!

Watch Lucy’s full performance for your daily dose of cuteness here:


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