BLACKPINK Chose Their Super Powers, And Jisoo’s Choice Was 100% Relatable

Jisoo is all of us.

When it comes to superpowers, it seems like BLACKPINK can do anything they set their minds to. No matter if it’s dancing, singing, rapping, or acting, they’d be the best heroes in town!

In the video entitled “Exclusive Footage of BLACKPINK Revealed On RELEASED”, the girls each chose their own super powers. All of their answers fit them perfectly. Rosé, for instance, chose being a people magnet as her power.

Jennie: So your super power is you attract people when you go into a place.

Rosé: That’s what it is!

Jennie, meanwhile, is so good at everything that she chose her fortune as her strength.

If I’m playing a game, it’s not that I’m great at games, I just happen to win. Like, luck is my super power.

— Jennie

Next, Lisa aptly mentioned learning choreography quickly as her biggest advantage. As their main dancer, she’s known for getting dances right almost instantly.

I feel like I have a super power because I can memorize choreography very fast.

— Lisa

Jisoo, however, chose something that was both fitting and memorable…in a different way. Without a doubt, hers was one hundred percent relatable!

I can stay still without doing anything. I’m not thinking about anything either. I can just spend the whole day lying down.

— Jisoo

Like most people, she has a strong and stable relationship—with her bed.

I can stay on the bed without doing anything, and it can go for a week like that. That is my super power.

— Jisoo 

Being “super chill” is definitely the defining words for Jisoo’s super powers!

If you want to see more BLACKPINK moments, check out the full video below.