BLACKPINK confirmed for comeback with new album this November

YG Entertainment has released a brand new poster announcing the impending comeback of their newest girl group BLACKPINK!

On October 20th, the agency released a signature ‘WHO’S NEXT’ poster, immediately unveiling the artist along with a date of November 2nd. In addition, the text “SQUARE TWO” may even indicate the title of their upcoming album.

The girl group made their long-awaited debut in August 2016 with their first single album SQUARE ONE, spawning the hits “Boombayah” and “Whistle,” which achieved a perfect all-kill status. Despite minimal promotions with performances solely on Inkigayo, BLACKPINK has shown a lot of success on the digital charts, and garnered modeling contracts as well.

In related news, senior labelmate BIGBANG is also suspected of making a comeback before the year’s end. With the news of BLACKPINK’s return, this will undoubtedly be a great end to the year for any YG fans.

Teaser poster for BLACKPINK's 2016 comeback / Image source: YG Entertainment
Teaser poster for BLACKPINK’s 2016 comeback / Image source: YG Entertainment

Source: OSEN