BLACKPINK Deliver Moving Speech About Climate Change And Describe What Inspired Them To Speak Up

Here’s how they realized its urgency.

On October 24, BLACKPINK delivered an inspiring message about climate change.

Jennie opened up the speech, saying that the youth are connected through technology and thus have a lot in common. Currently, they are all facing a common problem—climate change.

Hi, this is BLACKPINK, and we want to share an important message with you all. We are the first generation to have grown up in the digital age, and that makes us unique. Since we have grown up connected to each other through technology, we have a lot in common regardless of where we live on earth. Today, we are connected once again as we’re facing a common problem associated with the times that we live in.

— Jennie

Jisoo shared her concern for a planet that is in deep decay. She invited viewers to be more aware of the environmental crisis that is unfolding before their eyes.

We are growing up in a planet that, every day since we were born, has gotten sicker and sicker. And since our generation is also the best connected, and because we will be around to see how this story unfolds, we have to be more aware of this environmental crisis.

— Jisoo

Next, the girls revealed what made them wake up to the extent of the issue.

Rosé said, “I realized the seriousness of this problem after noticing the amount of waste the earth is collecting each year.

Lisa came to the realization after noticing the worsening air pollution around her.

This problem has never been more important to me since realizing how harmful air pollution has become.

— Lisa

On the other hand, Jisoo was moved by the melting of the polar ice caps.

I woke up to these issues when I saw the rapid melting of the polar ice caps.

— Jisoo

Finally, Jennie realized how urgent the problem is after learning about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

For me, it was hearing about the destruction of the Amazon.

— Jennie

Hear the rest of BLACKPINK’s message in the full video below.

Source: YouTube