BLACKPINK Stylishly Breaks Barriers In ELLE US Magazine (10+ Photos) 

BLACKPINK is featured on the cover of ELLE’s October issue.

What color is the future? BLACKPINK! “The biggest girl group in the world” is featured on the cover of ELLE (US) magazine.

ELLE‘s October issue includes a new BLACKPINK pictorial and interview. The members are elegance incarnate, dressed to impress in Bulgari, Chanel, and Saint Laurent, and Dior — just to name a few.

ELLE compares BLACKPINK to The Spice Girls, in regards to their cultural impact, massive fanbase, and global popularity.

Rosé says the comparison to a group, “whose contribution to pop culture and music was so intense and massive is an honor, but it was never like, ‘Let’s become this or them.’ ” BLACKPINK is making their own unique mark on music each step of the way.

Since debut, BLACKPINK’s popularity has grown exponentially, to the point where their music can be heard all over the world.

Music [doesn’t] always originate from the UK or the States. It’s global, it’s Asia, it’s the most random places you can imagine. I’m very proud that we all originated from different parts of the world.

— Rosé

They’re breaking language barriers and cultural barriers, one song, one performance at a time, through sheer talent and hard work.

“These days, we have no boundaries when it comes to work,” Jennie said. “Even on our days off, we’re basically at the studio recording.”

BLACKPINK is in your area, and they’re not going anywhere! Check out more photos below:

Source: ELLE