BLACKPINK and EXO To Make Appearances On JTBC Program “Stage K”

Can’t wait for the episode to come out!

JTBC is currently airing the program “Stage K” which is a program that invites K-Pop fans to compete in covering the dance moves of idol groups.

This is a friendly competition between groups from different countries that come together thanks to their love of K-Pop and Korean culture.

The winners of the competition will be able to meet their “Dream Star” which is the idol group whose dance they covered. Not only that, but the winners will also be given the opportunity of performing alongside their favourite idol groups!

Each episode, a different “Dream Star” appears meaning there are competitors covering the dances of different idol groups each week.

Already, fans have had the chance to dance in front of idol groups like Red Velvet and iKON.

Recently, it has been revealed that BLACKPINK had their pre-recording of “Stage K” on May 14, 2019.

BLACKPINK’s official Twitter account has confirmed this, meaning that some lucky BLINKs have had the lucky opportunity of meeting and performing with this talented group.

There is no telling of what powerful dance moves will be unleashed by BLINKs on this future episode of “Stage K”.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that EXO will be the “Dream Star” of an episode of Stage K as well.

EXO will be appearing on the May 21, 2019 pre-recording of “Stage K” where they too will be able to see fans pull off their intricate and detailed choreography.

However, not all members of EXO will be in attendance sadly as specifically main vocalists Chen and Baekhyun, leader Suho, lead dancer Sehun and main dancer Kai will make an appearance.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Chanyeol and D.O. will not be guesting alongside the rest of the group.

However it is great that a show like “Stage K” can give international K-Pop fans the opportunity to showcase their passion and support of idol groups.

This show has allowed idols to see some of the immense talent that their fans possess and the international outreach of K-Pop!

Hopefully, there will be even more groups who will be the “Dream Star” of future recordings.