BLACKPINK Explain Why “Pretty Savage” Is Their Favorite Song From “The Album”

Do you agree with the BLACKPINK members?

At BLACKPINK‘s press conference for their upcoming Netflix documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky, fans wanted to know each members’ favorite song from The Album. While Jisoo chose Cardi B collab “Bet You Wanna”, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa all agreed that “Pretty Savage” is the best. But why?

Jennie was the first to name “Pretty Savage” her favorite song at the press conference. When The Album first released, Jennie’s favorite song was the title track, “Lovesick Girls”, but it seems her opinion has changed over the last week or so.

When explaining why, Jennie said she thinks “Pretty Savage” has the strongest BLACKPINK vibes out of all the tracks on The Album.

Rosé had a similar view. Like Jennie, she also loves “Lovesick Girls”, but her opinion has been changing over time. Sometimes, Rosé said, it even changes by the hour.

After our full album released, in the morning I would love one song and by the afternoon I would love a different song.

— Rosé

But, if she had to pick one, Rosé said she’s settled on “Pretty Savage” too.

Next, the host asked Lisa which song she most likes to perform. Lisa could’ve picked any BLACKPINK song, but she went straight to “Pretty Savage”, saying it was a blast to perform on stage recently. The group has been promoting the song as a companion track to “Lovesick Girls”.

This isn’t the first time Lisa has praised the song. She was the first to choose “Pretty Savage” as her favorite right when The Album released. Lisa also told fans she was impressed by Jennie’s parts.

From its quintessential BLACKPINK boss bitch energy to its energetic choreography, it’s clear the members are just as impressed with “Pretty Savage” as BLINKs are!


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