BLACKPINK Fans Demand Apology From TC Candler For Disrespecting Jisoo On “100 Most Beautiful Faces Of 2020”

Fans say the caption was mocking and xenophobic, and they weren’t happy with TC Candler’s response.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was voted one of the world’s most beautiful celebrities in this year’s TC Candler poll, but fans aren’t happy with how the company announced her rank.

TC Candler recently revealed the results of the vote for “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020” ranking, and Jisoo entered the list at 50th place.

This year marks Jisoo’s second time making the ranking, and it’s her highest position to date. However, while fans were excited to see the main visual’s good looks receive recognition, the way TC Candler announced Jisoo’s rank had BLACKPINK fans furious.

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Every celebrity on the list received a custom caption from TC Candler, each tailored to the star themselves. Jisoo’s caption got off to a great start describing her as a singer, dancer, and model aged 25 (though it appears they forgot to add “actress”). However, the final part of the caption appeared to be mocking Jisoo in fans’ eyes: “Her English is a pity”.

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The caption comes from a BLACKPINK Summer Diary 2019 in Hawaii clip, in which Jisoo learns an English phrase from RosΓ©: “That’s a pity“. Jisoo then cleverly and hilariously used the phrase later in the clip when Lisa mispronounced “dumpling”, telling her, “Your English is a pity“.

Jisoo later told fans that “that’s a pity” became her favorite English phrase. However, although the origin is clear, BLINKs say the way TC Candler used the quote was completely out of line.

Since Jisoo is the only member of BLACKPINK who doesn’t speak fluent or near-fluent English, her language skills have often been mocked or criticized by outsiders to the fandom. Many BLINKs say TC Candler’s caption is just another example of the same disrespect. Others questioned why her caption would be related to her English abilities at all when she has much more to offer.

Fans soon began calling on TC Candler to apologize to Jisoo. However, the company took a completely different stance. Shortly after the uproar began, TC Candler took to Twitter to put an “end” to the discussion, insisting that Jisoo’s caption was her own joke.

After fans didn’t back down, TC Candler went on to insist that Jisoo herself would “love the joke“.

Unsurprisingly, most fans weren’t happy with TC Candler’s response at all, branding them “shameless” and even calling on social media platforms to address the remark and remove the company’s verification.

As of yet, TC Candler is yet to say more on the matter, but BLINKs are continuing to use the hashtag #ApologizeToJisooTCCandler on Twitter to express their frustrations and pressure the company for a real apology.

Source: TC Candler (YouTube)