BLACKPINK Fans Express Their Disappointment In How Few New Songs “Born Pink” Will Have

After a two-year wait, some fans think it’s not enough.

Earlier today, details about BLACKPINK‘s long-awaited upcoming album, Born Pink, were released, and it has left many fans quite disappointed.

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The tracklist for the album, which is set to come out on September 16, was revealed on the group’s Instagram and included the writing and production credits. The inclusion of Jisoo and Rosé listed in the credits for one of the songs was exciting, but not enough to outweigh the disappointment that some BLINKs felt when they realized the album only has 8 songs.

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

Among the 8 songs are their already-released “Ready For Love” and “Pink Venom”, which means that technically fans will only be getting 6 new songs from the K-Pop girl group for this album.


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Considering that their last album, The Album, came out nearly two years ago, fans were hoping that the wait would mean there had been time to make more songs to be included on the group’s second full-length album.

However, it seems to be following in the footsteps of The Album, which also only had 8 tracks in total, including two that were released in the months prior.

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A post on Reddit expressing fans’ disappointment has been getting a lot of attention, with the comments ranging from frustrated agreement to reluctant acceptance.

I’m just sad and disappointed as a blink right now. from kpopthoughts

While most people aren’t too surprised by the small number of songs on the album due to past behavior, it’s still understandably disappointing for many, especially since other YG Entertainment artists haven’t had the same treatment.

There’s also the discussion about why this pattern of long hiatuses and few songs being released is working for BLACKPINK.

At the end of the day, BLINKs just want to get plenty of high-quality music from the incredibly talented members of BLACKPINK, and many feel like the girls don’t get to showcase their abilities properly with so few released.

Source: Reddit