BLACKPINK Fans Express Anger Toward YG Entertainment In Response To New Girl Group News

They want the company to look after their current artists first.

BLACKPINK‘s agency, YG Entertainment, is facing backlash from BLINKs, following news reports about an upcoming girl group.

According to an exclusive report from SPOTVnews, YG Entertainment is preparing a project for the launch of a new girl group, with the goal of debuting them in the second half of 2020. The agency also plans to debut a new boy group, TREASURE, later this year.

It is true that we are planning to debut a new girl group. We will provide more details later with our official statement.

Right now, we are focusing on preparing BLACKPINK and WINNER’s new albums.

— YG Entertainment

Many BLINKs are not happy about the news, stating that YG Entertainment should properly manage BLACKPINK before shifting their attention to a new girl group. It has been nine months since BLACKPINK’s last comeback. Their second EP, Kill This Love, was released in April, 2019.

Some fans have even compared the current situation to the “treatment” (lack of promotions, delayed comebacks) YG Entertainment’s disbanded girl group 2NE1 received. 2NE1 officially disbanded in 2016, months after BLACKPINK’s debut.

BLINK’s ire is in no way directed at the new girl group. In fact, many fans feel sorry for the new girl group and are worried that they will not be properly taken care of by their agency.

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