BLACKPINK Helps Filipino Actress Andrea Brillantes With Her “Promposal” + Boyfriend Defends Her From Haters

Here’s what happened.

Filipino celebrity Andrea Brillantes has done it once again! After being noticed by American singer Ariana Grande, she has once again gained the attention of yet another superstar, BLACKPINK.

Last March 25 to 26, the YG Entertainment girl group held a two-day concert in Bulacan, Philippines. Filipino fans gathered at the Philippine Arena to watch the four-member girl group perform. Included in this count of thousands was celebrity couple Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero.

They made headlines when the actress asked the latter out to the Star Magic Ball, an annual formal event for ABS-CBN artists.

Among the banners held by those in the VIP section, Rosé happened to spot the one of Andrea’s and read it aloud.

She gushed over the “promposal” (portmanteau of “prom” and “proposal”), giving an excited squeal. Jennie followed up with the question, “Will you?”

The man in question gave a nod of affirmation, something they noticed and noted aloud.

He said yes, he said for sure.


The “promposal” of Andrea mirrored her boyfriend’s own announcement last year when he asked her to be his girlfriend in front of thousands of audience members of his school’s basketball game.

I just wanna ask Blythe to be my girlfriend.

— Ricci Rivero

Netizens had mixed reactions after this event went viral. Some supported the teen star, noting their amazement that she was noticed by two huge celebrities during their concerts.

Others, however, said it was “cringe” and “epal” (out of place) to do so in the K-Pop group’s concert.

Andrea Brillantes’ sister took to Instagram to defend her sister’s actions. She explained that she “does not usually react to this kind of [bashing]” but wanted to set the story straight.

She just wants her first prom to be super special. Let her be…she’s allowed to be a fangirl.

— Kayla Aan Gorostiza

Ricci Rivero, Andrea’s boyfriend, also defended her from haters. He told that they were genuine fans of BLACKPINK and did not attend the concert for clout. He pointed out that other BLINKs also held banners for the members to hopefully read aloud and Andrea’s simply happened to be noticed.

We are the same as the fans who attended the concert that night to see their idols perform. Whatever Blythe [Andrea] did, the others did the same. It’s a big deal for fans to be noticed by their idols and that’s exactly what Blythe did. She gave it a shot, and she was noticed by her idols. So I’m really happy that she got noticed by her idols.

— Ricci Rivero

BLACKPINK is currently on the Asian leg of their BORN PINK world tour. They visited countries such as Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and more prior to the Philippines.