BLACKPINK Is Under Fire For Allegedly Having Domestic Abuse Themed Photo Cards

[TRIGGER WARNING]: This article may contain sensitive information.

Photos of BLACKPINK‘s KILL THIS LOVE photocards have surfaced online and some fans are up in arms because they believe the photos glorify domestic abuse.

The photocards feature the girls looking at the camera seriously, almost emotionless, with have bruises on their faces. Jennie has a bruise on her left cheek while Lisa has one her right cheek. Jisoo has one on by her brow bone and Rosé has one by her lip.

Upset fans are calling BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment out for using abuse as a concept.

On the other hand, many fans have pointed out that the lyrics of “KILL THIS LOVE” deal with leaving a toxic relationship where the girls are victims of domestic abuse. They say that the photos were never meant to offend people, but to bring awareness to domestic abuse and empower women.

Nevertheless, some fans remain upset, claiming that just because the song was about abuse didn’t mean that the photocards needed to actually visualize it.

Upset fans cite the fact that abuse is a real issue that women grapple with every day as a reason it shouldn’t be used for an aesthetic.

There has been no comment from YG Entertainment concerning the photocards.


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