BLACKPINK Just Surprised Fans With Their First Solo Concert Announcement

BLINKs rejoice!

BLINKs rejoice because BLACKPINK will finally be in your area because their finally getting their first solo concert!


The big surprise started with a simple tweet from BLACKPINK’s official Twitter account urging fans to check out the notice on the group’s official fan cafe.

First news to #OFICIALBLINK! Check out the #BLINK ZONE Notice board today!— BLACKPINK


When fans went to the sight they were greeted by this announcement, which lets fans know that the girls will be having their first ever solo concert, BLACKPINK 2018 Tour [In Your Area] Seoul X BC Card, on November 10 and 11.


The announcement was followed by another that announced the place and time of the concert and when exactly the tickets would be going on sale. Their concert will be held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul and fans can start buying tickets for the event on September 14!


Although international fans are disappointed because this means BLACKPINK won’t really be in their area, they are still super excited for the members.


And it’s not just the fact that BLACKPINK will be having their first solo concert that has made fans so happy. It’s also the size of the arena they’ll be performing at. The Olympic Gymnastics Arena has a 15,000 person capacity so the girls will be performing at a huge venue like they deserve!


BLINKs have also been wondering if this is a hint that the girls will also be having another comeback ahead of the concert.


But whether or not they have a comeback and perform some new songs, we already know that the concert is going to be lit AF. They’ve already proven how amazing their performances can be during their solo stages at Japanese concerts.


And the reactions from fans was just as epic!


So anything that they do on stage in South Korea is going to be 100% awesome!


Congratulations BLACKPINK and BLINKs on your first solo concert!