BLACKPINK Opens Up About Their Friendship And Becoming “Like Family”

They talked about their special bond in a new interview for “Ice Cream”.

BLACKPINK‘s JisooJennieRosé, and Lisa have been together for over four years, and their friendship keeps getting stronger with time.

The members opened up about their heart-warming bond in a new interview with Zane Lowe of Apple‘s New Music Daily Radio show. After discussing their new song “Ice Cream”, Zane Lowe asked about the challenges that come with working in a group.


He said that finding people to work with for ten to thirty years requires “real chemistry and real friendship” that’s difficult to find. In response, BLACKPINK shared their thoughts on the importance of friendship, and what it was like getting to know one another as friends rather than as members.


Jennie said, “We think the friendship between us is a very important aspect for our group, and we try to keep that in a very naturally…Like, with our love, we don’t have to try too hard, but it always needs to be there.”

“So, we remind each other all the time that, you know, when you’re going through a hard time, we have the hard time with you. Share and let it go, you know?”

“Each year, I think we learn so much about each other, and so in that way we get to respect each other more and give the space that they need, and when they need us we just kind of look into their eyes and be like, ‘what’s wrong?'”

“We’re like family,” Lisa added, smiling.

Like family, BLACKPINK is there for each other each step of the way, and they look forward to the bright future ahead of them.

Watch the full interview here: