BLACKPINK Shocks Netizens With Their Snatched Waists And Sexy Figures While Promoting Their New Game

“BLACKPINK really said ‘body goals’ for the game!”

Since debuting, BLACKPINK has wowed netizens in every way, whether it’s their unreal talent, charming personality, and dazzling visuals.

The members of BLACKPINK | @sbs_kpop/Twitter

Well, it seems like the members are back to wow netizens with their snatched waists. On April 4, it was announced that BLACKPINK would release a new game called BLACKPINK THE GAME.

The teasers for the game | @BPTG_OFFICIAL/Twitter

Aside from the teasers and what fans can expect, the idols shocked netizens with their unreal proportions after photos of the members were released on the game’s website. In the photos, along with some more “home-like” and warm photos, the members showcased their stunning figures.

Despite her sophisticated and elegant looks, oldest member Jisoo managed to showcase her toned and healthy figure in a sleek and almost spy-like look consisting of a wrap top and cargo pants.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | TakeOneCompany
| TakeOneCompany

Jennie went very “Lara Croft” with her look, combining a cropped knitted shoulderless top with plain black shorts. The unexpected mix of colors and textures made Jennie look like she belonged in an action film.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | TakeOneCompany
| TakeOneCompany

Like Jennie, Rosé also showed off her toned stomach and legs in a cute two-piece ensemble. Considering the bagginess of the top, the tight shorts only accentuated the idol’s slim waist.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | TakeOneCompany
| TakeOneCompany

Lisa had the most photos showcasing her figure, and with her throwback pink hair, she combined colors, patterns, and textures to showcase her personality and show off her chiseled abs.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | TakeOneCompany
| TakeOneCompany
| TakeOneCompany

Of course, when the photos were released, netizens were obsessed with the members’ photos, showcasing their healthy figures and basically radiating hot girl vibes.

BLACKPINK always gain attention for their figures, and netizens can’t stop praising their healthy proportions. The members are never afraid to show their lifestyle and despite hectic schedules, they always seemingly ensure they are staying healthy and working out in an appropriate way.

Source: TakeOneCompany


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