The #1 Reason BLACKPINK Is “Matchless” Among Girl Groups — According To K-Pop Agency Directors

One specific thing about their success sets them apart.

There’s no doubt that BLACKPINK is one of K-Pop’s biggest success stories, and even directors from other K-Pop agencies can admit it. According to two agency directors, this is the number one reason why BLACKPINK should be considered “matchless” among K-Pop girl groups.

These days, Yoon Seon Mi and Yoon Ho Joon are business directors at FirstOne Entertainment, the 2019-founded agency behind soloists like Kisum and Philippines-based group 1st.One. Before that, however, they worked at JYP Entertainment for several years, taking charge of artists like Wonder Girls, 2PM, and Miss A. In a new “Comment Defenders” video with AYO on YouTube, Yoon Seon Mi and Yoon Ho Joon shared their expert opinions on what sets BLACKPINK apart.

Yoon Seon Mi (left) and Yoon Ho Joon (right) | AYO 에이요/YouTube

When one AYO viewer stated that one of BLACKPINK’s “controversies” is whether they’re one of South Korea’s top three girl groups or not, Yoon Ho Joon was quick to set the record straight. “They’re a top-three girl group in Korea, one hundred percent,” he insisted.

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

A group that hit it big like this would come out only once a decade, no?

­— AYO viewer

Naturally, BLACKPINK’s success around the world makes the group one of the biggest in South Korea as well as across the globe. To date, they’ve racked up numerous sales records in Korea, several Billboard Hot 100 top 50 singles, and awards both nationally and internationally. However, Yoon Seon Mi says there’s one part of BLACKPINK’s success that really sets them apart.

| Watchara Phomicinda/The Press-Enterprise

The fandom has grown around male groups in Korea,” Yoon Seon Mi explained, “And boy group fandoms played a big role in spreading K-Pop overseas.” Even before current top groups like BTS became international stars, the majority of well-known K-Pop acts outside of South Korea have always been boy groups. “BLACKPINK overcame this,” says Yoon Seon Mi.

I think [BLACKPINK] is outstanding.

— Yoon Seon Mi

The female director went on to explain that BLACKPINK has a far-reaching power overseas in a formerly heavily male-dominated market, and that’s what makes them “almost matchless among girl groups.”

| YG Entertainment

Yoon Ho Joon’s opinion also fell under the same sentiment, noting how BLACKPINK’s worldwide success also helps to spread Korean culture as a whole. “From the viewpoint that they could spread our culture overseas like this with their global recognition and fandoms,” he stated, “They definitely are top three.”

Source: Image and AYO 에이요