BLACKPINK Faces Criticism for “Lack of Talent” on Good Morning America

Some fans are attributing it to cultural differences in broadcasting.

On February 11, BLACKPINK made their first U.S. television debut on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, followed by an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America on February 12.

On both TV appearances, BLACKPINK performed their hit song, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, but various online communities are criticizing their performances saying their dancing to the choreography was much below their expectations.

Fans who watched both performances noticed that their choreography wasn’t exactly on point and their energy was lacking as well. They also saw that their dancing wasn’t as powerful as that of past Korean performances.

Some are criticizing BLACKPINK for having a lack of talent or not practicing enough, but there are also those who are attributing it to the fact that U.S. broadcasting is different from that of Korea.

Why is their choreography so off…? Don’t they practice in front of the mirror?
Oh my gosh… I thought they were talented… I thought they could dance…
This is pretty serious… Their dancing is totally off…
Whoa… What’s wrong with them? Were they always like this? They look like they can’t dance…

On Korean broadcasts, there is added camera work and lighting effects that enhance the impact of music performances. In contrast, U.S. performances are rawer without many effects added.

Whatever the reason was, fans are shocked and disappointed that that’s how they represented K-Pop in front of countless Western viewers.

Watch the two contrasting performances below to see if BLACKPINK was lacking in skill or if it was simply a difference in broadcasting:

Source: Insight


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