BLACKPINK And GOT7’s Jackson Appear In A Star-Studded CF For ADIDAS

Its activated our BLACKPINKxGOT7 feels!

Fans, are you ready? We have a BLACKPINK x GOT7 moment!

On January 26, ADIDAS released the promotional video for its newest campaign, Change Is A Team Sport. The campaign is for the brand’s latest ADIDAS Originals Superstars, and features skateboarder Jenn Sotto running at top speed through a make-believe school that’s chock-full of stars, designers, and other skateboarders who are all ADIDAS ambassadors!


In the CF, eagle-eyed fans spotted BLACKPINK and GOT7’s Jackson as part of the video, and were ecstatic!

Here’s Jackson…


And here’s BLACKPINK!


Along with BLACKPINK and Jackson, other famous stars included Pharell Williams, the popular gamer Ninja, Brazilian singer Anitta, and more!

From left to right: Anitta, Pharrell Williams


You can watch the video here!