BLACKPINK Reveals Who Really Created The Iconic Move From The “DDU-DU DDU-DU” Choreography

It wasn’t even part of the original choreography!

There is no denying that, in K-Pop, BLACKPINK‘s track “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is not only a fantastic song but has some of the best and catchiest choreography in the industry. In particular, fans worldwide know the song for its iconic point dance during the chorus!


BLACKPINK recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and treated fans to a special live broadcast, where they told stories, talked to fans, and much more!

The members of BLACKPINK | VLIVE

In particular, the members discussed the choreography from “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” After revealing that the ‘gun move’ was her favorite, Jennie revealed that the song’s iconic step wasn’t actually in the original dance.

I remember when the “DDU DU DDU DU” choreography wasn’t the gun move. Before the final choreography came out, it used to be something like this…

— Jennie

It seemed as if all the other members also remembered the old choreography and couldn’t help but join in! Although it was definitely catchy and worked with the music, it would never have been iconic as the current choreography.

Jisoo then revealed how it was actually on the day that the members were shooting the video that the choreography changed. She also shared that the members changed the move after monitoring the initial step during filming.

On the day of the music video shoot, we felt that this part should be changed to the ‘gun’ move. I think we actually did film with the previous dance move and monitored it on the screen.


At first, Jisoo also added that they were worried about whether it was okay to change the moves.

You’re right because we thought we would get in trouble if we changed it without permission. So we filmed that dance move and the final one too.

— Jisoo

It isn’t the first time fans have noticed that the well-loved dance move wasn’t the original choice. In 2018, a video of the original choreography was released on YouTube, and it showed the original dance move the members were talking about.

With such an iconic point choreography, it is hard to even imagine the song without it. Luckily, the members showcased just how talented and imaginative they are to create one of the most well-known dances in K-Pop!

Make sure to watch the whole song below!

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