Petition To Ban BLACKPINK From Indonesian TV Reaches Almost 100,000 Signatures

The petition listed specific reasons on why it should be banned.

An online petition to take a BLACKPINK commercial off Indonesian television has reached over 98,000 signatures.


The petition was started by Maimon Herawati, a journalism lecturer at Padjadjaran University, and is addressed to the KPI or the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission.


Maimon believes that BLACKPINK is too scantily clad in the Shopee commercial for Indonesian TV.

“A group of women wearing scantily clad clothes that barely covers their aurat — what kind of message are we instilling to the pure souls?”

— Maimon Herawati

Aurat are parts of the human body which must, according to Islam, be covered from the sight of others with clothing and can be translated as one’s “private parts”.


The petition signers also took issue with the fact that the ad broadcasts during children’s programs.

“Shopee ads that use the South Korean group BLACKPINK are often played on children’s programs… What message do you want to put on the pure souls? That lifting clothes up high with tempting glances will bring them worldwide? That objectification of the female body is legitimate?”

— Maimon Herawati


The petition calls for parents and other petition signers to not only sign the petition but to also boycott Shopee.


Some fans from Indonesia have begun to criticize the petition and those who signed it.


Maimon Herawati has created petitions to boycott Korean girl groups from Indonesia before.


A counter-petition has begun circulating, petitioning theIndonesian Broadcasting Commission not to remove the ad. The petition has over 40,000 signatures as of now.


Check out the commercial that is surrounded in controversy here.