BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals The Reason Behind Her Recent Injury — Reassures Fans With Her Airport Appearance

The brief greeting could be due to the injury!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie never fails to be honest with fans and is willing to share every part of her life, even if it might not be the easiest.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

After returning from their global activities, the members have been spending time doing their own activities, whether attending fashion shows or relaxing. Jennie was one of the members with a low profile since returning, and it seems there is a reason why.

Jennie last posted on Instagram on February 16 | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On March 3 (KST), it was announced that Lisa and Jennie would be leaving to go to Malaysia for schedules, as many media outlets were at Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center (SGBAC).

The thumbnail for Jennie and Lisa’s departure stream

Before Jennie arrived, BLINKs raised their worry after a post from Jennie on Weverse.

The idol honestly shared that because she didn’t want BLINKs to be shocked, she wanted to share that she had sustained an injury during the group’s time off. While exercising, Jennie hurt herself and sustained a scar, which meant that she had to wear a bandaid.

I’m just letting you guys know first so you guys aren’t shocked.
While resting, I was taking care of my health and eating well, and sleeping well, but while exercising, I tripped over my foot and I fell, which resulted in a slight scar on my face. I want to get better so that BLINKs aren’t worried quickly, but it is still healing, so I’ll have to wear a band-aid on my face for a while. Please understand despite me looking 🥺. I know I should show everyone a great show, so I apologize that I’ll be looking like this. I’ll get better soon so, please don’t worry and I’ll see you soon.

— Jennie


Of course, BLINKs couldn’t hide their worries and sent their good wishes to Jennie, explaining that she shouldn’t have to apologize and that they hoped she would stay healthy.

With so many wishes, Jennie made sure to reassure fans even more after explaining that now everyone knows, it might help explain why she hasn’t been as active on Instagram and taking pictures.

  • “Since the news is out, I’ll take a lot of photos with my band-aid face.”
  • “That’s why… These days I have no time to take pictures and I’ve been getting treatment every day. I’m sorry BLINK.”

She even made sure to stick to her promise and shared some photos of herself before heading to the airport. For many, the small gesture allowed BLINKs to feel reassured that Jennie was doing well.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Even when she arrived at the airport, although Jennie was quick to go inside (which might be because of the scar and bandage), she made sure to greet fans and the media who had been waiting for her. Jennie showcases her love for those who support her and her polite manners.

Although the bandage couldn’t be seen, Jennie continued to showcase positivity in the media photos.

Jennie continues to showcase her charming personality, and rather than taking a private entrance, she was honest with BLINKs and made sure to greet those waiting for her.

Source: Newsen and Weverse


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