Netizens Defend BLACKPINK’s Jennie Over Accusations Of Being Rude At The Airport

Evil editing by journalists?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was recently accused of showing attitude at the airport upon her return to South Korea. Jennie just finished a stint in Paris and touched down after a long flight. Spectators and journalists waiting for the stars to reach the airport criticized her for not greeting them.

In a clipped video from Newsen, Jennie is seen avoiding all eye contact and greetings from the crowd, choosing to cover up in a balaclava and mask. She quickly makes a beeline for the car.

Journalists began to release articles with biting titles such as “BLACKPINK Jennie’s cloistral silhouette” and more, referring to her speedy exit.

Comparatively, the other girls greeted crowds brightly. During their initial departure, Rosé and Jisoo even did a heart for journalists.

Jennie covered herself up tightly. Although it is not any prerequisite or must to greet journalists at the airport, it is a long-standing ritual for Korean stars, and many felt that Jennie should have adhered to better manners and shown her face to the waiting media.

Disgruntled media created a highly comparative thumbnail for their resultant video. While the other members, including Lisa are seen greeting the public brightly, Jennie appears to be looking down.

Netizens were quick to jump to Jennie’s defense. The original video had been cut, and Jennie had actually turned around once on the way to the car. She quickly bowed to those present before heading on her way.

It was noted that she always makes sure to give a 90-degree bow, no matter how brief.

| Nate Pann

  • “Jennie always diligently does a 90-degree bow, even if it’s short… She’s not like this 365 days a year, so why do people who aren’t fans expect some great fan service from her?”
  • “Look at the highest-rated [negative] comments f*ck, they’re disgusting.”

| Nate Pann

  • “She bows at the back portion of the video once. She might feel disturbed by the commotion now and then, but that’s just her personality; what can we do?”
  • “Why (is the OP) like this? Pathetic.”

Departure and arrival from the airport are considered a part of an idol’s public schedule. In the public-accessible area, official Korean media or fans often photograph idols. Even so, humans can’t be bright and cheery all the time and anyone who expects that is asking for the impossible.

Source: Nate Pann