BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Back With A Bakery Tour Vlog And She’s Sharing All Her Recommendations

Have you tried the baby bottom bread before??

Back in January, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie opened up her very own Youtube channel as a birthday gift to BLINKs. Her very first video was a cute mini vlog of her going about her day, and we saw some amazing Youtuber qualities from Jennie.

Her channel named “Jennierubyjane Official” boasts 7.16 million subscribers, with each video garnering over millions of views. And it’s been less than a year!

And although she’s been busy being the Jennie Kim, she’s managed to upload a few videos to her channel with her newest being a “Bakery Tour” vlog.

She teased the cute thumbnail to her 59 million followers on her Instagram story yesterday with her nickname “Jenntuber.” How cute!

With cafe culture in Korea on the next level, there’s lots of content a Youtuber can get from visiting cafes, and it looks like Jennie did just that. We listed out the bakeries Jennie visited with the recommendations she listed on her channel so follow along!

1. For Four Bread

location: 92-18 Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

hot point: vegan options!

2. Peterpan 1978

location: 90-5 Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

hot point: the baby bottom bread and shioh bread are their top recommendations


location: 192-4 Yeonhui-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

hot point: they’re known for their Madeleines

Despite Jennie’s busy schedule, it’s obvious she wanted to share a bit of her daily life with her fans via a vlog and the Bakery Tour vlog was a perfect way to go about it!

After buying a bunch of bread from the bakeries, Jennie realized it was way too much for just herself, so she went back to YG to share some of her love with notes and bread, and of course she thought of her members.

Jennie tries the breads she was most excited for (like the baby bottom bread) and shows the bread to the camera like a true Youtuber!

Ah, the infamous Youtuber hand behind the product move. Jennie’s a natural!

She ends her video with promises to be back soon and even shares a teaser of her next video with fellow member Jisoo!

Jennie’s video is currently trending at #3 on Youtube in South Korea, and we’re sure these bakeries are going to get a lot of excited BLINKs coming in wanting to try their bread!

We can’t wait to see Jennie and Jisoo make some dumplings in her next Jenntuber video!

So until then, make sure to stay caught up on all the BLACKPINK news below.

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