Fans Praise BLACKPINK Jennie’s Styling At The Recent “BORN PINK” Concert In Riyadh

Fans praised all of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK are currently on their BORN PINK world tour and most recently held a concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

As always, fans loved BLACKPINK’s dynamic energy and upbeat performances as they took the stage.

But Jennie is especially receiving praise for the changes she implemented during the Riyadh concert.

Throughout the BORN PINK concerts, Jennie has continually gone viral for her stunning outfits.

And her magnetic energy and confidence whenever she’s on stage.

And while Jennie brought the same enthusiasm to her Riyadh stages, fans noticed that she was dressed more modestly than usual.

In fact, all of BLACKPINK were receiving praise for the changes they’d made to their outfits.

Fans also noticed that several of Jennie’s viral sexy moves had even changed into cuter versions.

Fans were grateful for the changes made to their performance in Saudi Arabia, considering it is mainly a Muslim country.

Islam highly values modesty, so even when alone, men and women are recommended never to be completely naked and to cover from the navel to the knee.


They praised the group for their thoughtful outfits and actions on stage, especially since BLACKPINK still brought the same powerful excitement, energy, and fashionable styling as always.