BLACKPINK’s Jennie Turns Café Into A Hot Spot, All Because Of An Instagram Post

People have reportedly waited two hours in line for a chance to visit.

BLACKPINK is constantly in the headlines; they continue to prove their global influence through their music, representation of multiple luxury fashion brands, and trendsetting fashion.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jennie recently proved her global impact yet again by making a single post on Instagram that reportedly saved a business.

Photographer Kim Hee June recently opened an art cafe in Seoul called Comfort Café Seoul. Kim Hee June has photographed many Korean celebrities, such as actor Gong Yoo, actress Song Hye Kyo, soloist IUTWICE‘s NayeonSomi, and frequently works with the members of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK’s June 2021 Vogue Korea cover photographed by Kim Hee June | @kimheejune/Instagram

On June 27, Jennie posted ten photos from the cafe on her Instagram. Fans quickly tracked down the location and have reportedly turned it into quite the hot spot.

In the photos, Jennie posed by the café’s various art installations and showcased their signature cat plushies.

Jennie at Comfort Café Seoul | @jennierubyjane/Instagram
Jennie at Comfort Café Seoul | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Korean vloggers have reported that after Jennie’s posts, lines to visit the café have reached up to a two-hour wait. The café’s tags on Instagram are now filled with hundreds of photos of guests taking pictures in the cafe.

Photo of Comfort Cafe Seoul |

Korean lifestyle blog PRIZM posted about their experience at the café following Jennie’s visit, confirming the place was trending because of her Instagram post.

Prism also went to Comfort Seoul, trending thanks to Jennie’s post. But Comfort Seoul offers so much content that it doesn’t really need a celebrity shoutout. It’s definitely one of Seoul’s most iconic spots. From cute merch shops to interactive exhibitions, as well as a cafe space and rooftop where you can see all of Seoul, Comfort Seoul has it all. I didn’t get a chance to see the night view, so I’ll definitely be back more often. Oh, and also, don’t forget to try the signature salty-sweet coffee that the owner personally brews for you!


With Jennie’s trendsetting influence, it was to be expected that fans would want to visit the café. Her post’s impact was potentially even more remarkable, as various outlets reported that the café was headed for bankruptcy before the increased traffic due to her visit.

What started as a trip to support a friend turned into more significant support than Jennie probably expected, proving her star power.

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Source: Clout News Media and Prizm