BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is So Convincing, She Can Change Her Member’s Minds With One Argument

Make way for Genius Jennie!

There are few idols who are as convincing as BLACKPINK‘s Jennie! She’s quick-witted and smart, and the eleventh episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK showed this combination perfectly. In this video, the girls played a game where they had to choose the best of two options per category and match their answers with their fan’s picks.

Jennie was quick on her feet every single round. She always gave in-depth answers with fresh perspectives—to the point where her members were convinced by her as well.

Jisoo was one of the people Jennie converted. When asked the question,“If BLACKPINK were to have superpowers, would they choose teleportation or time travel?” the eldest member originally picked teleportation. She explained that being able travel from her current location to her bed is the real deal.

I don’t even expect to go to another country. I just want to get to my bed quickly.

—  Jisoo

Jennie jumped in with another perspective that her unnie didn’t think of.

Let’s say, for example, there’s a day you really wanted to skip, you could just pass that day and move on to the day after.

—  Jennie

With this reasoning, Jisoo was immediately awed and changed her mind as a result.

Another time Jennie showed her quick thinking was when she correctly guessed which option BLINKs chose. This happened in the question, “If you were to go to a karaoke room with BLACKPINK, would you want to hear a ballad or dance song?”

Though Jisoo was firm that they’d want an energetic song, Jennie automatically reasoned, “Ballad, because they haven’t heard us sing ballads before.” As they later found out, she had the same answer as majority of BLINKs!

One of the best examples in the episode where Jennie showed off her intelligence and debate skills was with the question, “If you can know your own death, would you prefer to know your time of death or reason of death?”

She explained why the latter is more painful through a simple and understandable example.

This is cruel because if you know you’d die from a traffic accident while arguing with a friend, you’ll only think about fights with this friend.

— Jennie

As Jisoo was still confused between the two, Jennie gave another example to drive home her point that knowing one’s reason of death is more painful than knowing the time.

Let’s say you know the reason and [it’s how] you get a heart attack from drinking hot tea and spilling it. Every time you drink or you see someone drink hot tea, you’d panic for the rest of your life. But if you find out that would happen at 80 years old, then how many years would you live in fear over dying from hot tea?

— Jennie

When it comes to having a structured argument, Jennie proves she’s one of the best! To see more of her brilliant moments, check out the full episode below.