The Real Reason Behind BLACKPINK Jennie’s Drastic Change In Makeup Style At The Cannes Film Festival That Received Criticism

The change was seen as boring and underwhelming compared to Jennie’s “Idol makeup.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has always shined with her visuals, but special attention is being paid to the idol’s makeup style after netizens were disappointed with her looks at the Cannes Film Festival.

Since debuting, Jennie’s makeup has evolved, but at the core, it has kept the main components of idol makeup that netizens love.

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| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jennie’s past makeup styles have regained attention after the idol’s recent styling at the Cannes Film Festival came under criticism. While the idol looked beautiful, many didn’t like the plain and underwhelming makeup, whether it was on the red carpet.

Or during The Idol photocall.

Well, it seems like netizens have found the reason for the change in makeup style, and it’s all because the idol had a different makeup artist for the event.

On social media, it was revealed that the person who did Jennie’s makeup for the red carpet and photocall was Nina Park, a stylist who is known to do the looks for major Hollywood stars.

On Instagram, Nina Park shared photos of Jennie’s looks that she created, along with a list of the products she used.

After international netizens found out, many had quite harsh words about the style, with some wishing that Jennie’s other makeup stylists would return, even the ones who have gained immense criticism in the past. Many even joked that the makeup artist listed a lot of products, but Jennie didn’t seem to be wearing any.

Even in the comments of the makeup artist, netizens shared that although her work is good, they didn’t feel it suited the idol.

It is no question that the makeup artist has some strong looks that she has showcased on her Instagram, including for Korean actress/model Jung Ho Yeon.

Yet, the more subtle look seemingly contrasted with what netizens are used to seeing from Jennie and the much-loved “Idol” makeup style that has become popular. It may suit other stars, but many netizens prefer Jennie with something bolder, especially at such a huge event.

You can read about netizens’ thoughts on Jennie’s outfit and makeup below.

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