BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gains Attention For Changing The Misogynistic Lyrics In “Typa Girl” During “Coachella 2023”

“Jennie said she isn’t going to let misogynists ruin it for women!”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is truly a role model for many fans and since debuting, she has showcased her confidence and become a symbol of female empowerment. Recently, the idol gained attention after changing the lyrics of the group’s song that were deemed misogynistic.

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Jennie has always showcased immense skill as an all-rounder, being able to rap, sing, and dance to a high level.

Jennie showcased her “veteran” idol status during the group’s recent appearance as the headliners for Coachella. As expected, the idols completely slayed their performance and gained praise from both BLINKs and locals alike.

In particular, amongst the huge setlist, the members performed the track Typa Girl from their 2022 album BORN PINK. With the outfits, set, and of course, the members’ talent, the song definitely stole the hearts of fans.

| Coachella/YouTube
| Coachella/YouTube   

Yet, one moment particularly caught the attention of fans, and it was when Jennie changed the lyrics to the song. During the track, the words from Jennie are, “I’m not like these other girls at all.”

Although many fans love “Typa Girl,” it did initially rub some fans the wrong way because of the misogynistic lyrics that seemingly ridicule certain types of women, which isn’t what BLACKPINK represents. It was then revealed that the song wasn’t written by the members but by a writer called Bekuh Boom.

Typa Girl by Blackpink has a couple lyrics that kinda rub me wrong?
by u/Odd-Fig-1248 in kpopthoughts

So, when it came to that moment in the song, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when Jennie was heard changing the line to, “I’m not like these other boys at all.”

After netizens noticed that Jennie changed the lyrics of the song, many couldn’t stop praising the idol for her battle against the misogynistic lyrics. In particular, they praised the idol for being a feminist and fighting against the original writer, also proving that her microphone was on as you could hear her changing the words.

As expected, BLACKPINK understands that sometimes they need to change the lyrics to suit their own views and that of the fans. Although it was a small change, it was rightly praised by fans and showcased that even the members were aware of the sentiment surrounding the lyrics.

You can read more from the performance below.

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