BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gets Real About The Physical And Mental Hardships Of Being A K-Pop Idol

The life of an idol is far from easy!

K-Pop first started gaining global popularity, and being an idol seemed like the perfect life. As the years have gone on, netizens have been exposed to the darker side of the industry, and idols haven’t been afraid to share some of the hardships they’ve suffered.

One idol who has recently opened up about the struggles is BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

BLACKPINK recently made history by being only the third female group to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. On top of that, each member has had their own editorial, and as expected, Jennie looked flawless in her photos and answered questions about everything from her career to childhood, and more.

| Rolling Stone
| Rolling Stone

During the interview, Jennie was asked about one of the biggest things she thinks about nowadays. Unsurprisingly, with the hectic schedules the members have, the idol replied, “These days, I think, how do I stay healthy?

In particular, Jennie shared that it became essential to her after the end of their last tour in 2020. She revealed that she had never shared why with fans because she didn’t want them to worry. But now, she thought it was time.

I became sick, both mentally and physically, after the last world tour ended [in 2020]. This isn’t something I want to share in too much detail with the fans.

— Jennie

The members of BLACKPINK during their 2019/2020 tour | @BBU_BLACKPINK/Twitter

Although Jennie didn’t share in-depth details, showcasing her love for BLINKs, the idol explained that it was an extremely tough time as the group was constantly busy, and it took its toll on all the members.

But for three years after debuting, we worked nonstop without resting. You know, we were young, in our early twenties. Our sleep systems were breaking down; we weren’t eating properly; I wasn’t hydrating myself — we did that for three to four years, and then started our tour.

— Jennie


In particular, it seemed to have a heavy physical effect on Jennie. Being so young as well meant that the group didn’t really know about the best ways of taking care of themselves during this time. For Jennie, the traveling impacted her immune system.

For a year and a half, I didn’t have a home. If I touched something, I’d have an allergic reaction. I had no immune system at all, but we needed to keep touring. When I work out, I feel each and every muscle and ask, ‘This hurts. Why?’

— Jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie during their tour | @BLACKPINK/Instagram

It wasn’t just physically, but idols have shared how tough schedules can also impact them mentally. When Jennie first debuted, she struggled like everyone else, and it was worse when she explained that she found it hard to reach out for help.

Before that, I didn’t even understand the concept of friends. I listened, talked, and learned. Having family around me was also a big help. I think it’s really important to be healthy.

— Jennie

She also added that she’d found ways to keep both her mind, whether it’s speaking to professionals or doing yoga, or even just having a pet to love. Jennie added, “For me, so far, when I’m good in my body, I feel happier and healthier.”

Just know my weakness, what I’m allergic to, what I shouldn’t be putting in my body. I value this and study, so I’m stronger than before.

— Jennie

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Yet, it isn’t the first time Jennie has shared some of the hardships. In the group interview, she and Lisa touched upon the toughest moments as trainees. In the interview, Jennie even compared the process of becoming an idol to a survival show, recalling, “We were on survival mode.

Every month, our friends were forced to leave, go home. Getting stressed? Having it rough? Those feelings were a luxury. What mattered was debuting.

— Jennie

Pre-debut picture of BLACKPINK with (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon who was rumored to have been set to debut with the group

It seems as if ahead of their comeback, Jennie has worked out the best ways to keep her mind and body healthy during tough schedules.

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Source: Rolling Stone