“It’s All For Clout!” HBO Seemingly Hints BLACKPINK Jennie’s Role “The Idol” Might Be Bigger Than Expected But Fans Aren’t Convinced

“They say starring Jennie Ruby Jane but she will get 15 seconds…”

In 2022, BLINKs couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie would be making her acting debut in HBO‘s upcoming series The Idol.

Well, it seems like HBO might be teasing Jennie’s significant role in the show, but netizens aren’t convinced.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Since the announcement, netizens have been treated to small glimpses of Jennie’s acting debut, showcasing that the idol will play a villain role.

The first glimpses of Jennie’s character | HBO/YouTube
| HBO/Instagram

It got even more exciting when it was announced that Jennie would be attending Cannes Film Festival to promote the show.

Well, it seems like HBO is really pushing Jennie’s role in The Idol after new shots from an event. In the photos posted by a Thai account attending an event about upcoming projects, photos were shown promoting upcoming HBO shows, including The Idol.

| @mxphone/Twitter
| @mxphone/Twitter

Considering the rumors surrounding Jennie’s role not being as prominent as expected, many couldn’t hide their excitement that the promotional material seems to be pushing Jennie as one of the main characters.

Yet, while some were excited at the possibility that Jennie could have a more prominent role, it wasn’t surprising that some fans were worried. In particular, after the revelation where the crew claimed “Jennie has barely any air time,” many worry it is all done for clout and that her name is being used to hype up the show.

Considering the controversy surrounding the series before it’s even aired, it will be interesting to see what Jennie’s role is and whether they are “using her for clout.”

You can read more about the concerns of netizens below.

“They Didn’t Let Her Talk…”: HBO Show “The Idol” Exposed For Exploiting BLACKPINK’s Jennie And More

Source: @mxphone


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