BLACKPINK’s Jennie Hit By An Anti-Fan At The Airport, Fans Furious

Jennie’s expression said it all.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been taking it easy since her minor ankle injury at a concert in Japan.

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During BLACKPINK’s recent visit to the Incheon International Airport, a stranger in the crowd hit Jennie in the ankle with her roller luggage. The act was caught on camera by fans.


The video captures a woman wearing a cap coming right up behind Jennie.


The act was caught through multiple angles, where fans witnessed the luggage hitting Jennie right on the ankle.


Jennie’s reaction said it all. When Jisoo later asked if she was okay, she seemed to have mouthed back, “It hurts.” 


She was later seen resting her head on Jisoo’s shoulders, seeming to look like she was in pain.


The footage immediately became a center of discussion between their fans. Many argued that the act was intentional because there was no reason for the stranger to get so close to Jennie, especially since the security team formed a ring around the members.


Those who have seen the clip believe that it was an anti-fan attacking her ankle on purpose. They claim there was loads of space between Jennie and the person involved. BLACKPINK members were also walking at a leisurely pace, not in a hurry where they could have bumped into others.


Despite the hurtful act, Jennie thankfully seems to be okay as she’s been continuing her promotions regularly.