BLACKPINK’s Jennie Impresses BLINKs With Her Dance Skills In Her New Instagram Post

Is there anything she can’t do??

No matter how busy BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is, it seems like the idol will always make time to learn some new choreo. The 26-year old idol just posted a video of her and two of her  choreographer friends dancing to “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY (Remix)” by Amaarae featuring “telepatía”‘s Kali Uchis and Moliy.

We got a cute funky video of Jennie’s gray fit for the dance video.

Choreography Eun Chong unnie made for me 🖤 Thanks to unnie, I got to have dance dance time with Do Wook 🎉 @.silvergunnnn. Thank you unnie @.dow1oo9k Sorry for springing this on you last minute, but I’ll definitely do this again.

—Jennie, Instagram

Jennie showcased her dance skills in the video as she danced dressed in a casual groutfit.

Kali Uchis liked and commented on Jennie’s Instagram post and reposted the dance video to their Instagram story as well!

| @kaliuchis/Instagram
| @kaliuchis/Instagram

BLINKs loved every last bit of the dance and praised her top tier visuals.

We’d have to agree, Jennie is the moment.