BLACKPINK’s Jennie Incorporated The Korean Culture Into Her “Met Gala” Look In A Meaningful And Subtle Way

She was proud of her heritage.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie made a successful first appearance at the Met Gala. She showed up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art dressed in a recreated version of a 1990 CHANEL Fall/Winter runway piece, matching the event’s theme of “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty.”


It was a lovely outfit that emphasized her natural beauty. Just like the model from decades before, Jennie donned a white mini dress with a scallop neckline and black belt and gloves. She finished the look with a pair of tights and high heels.

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As the dress was Western in its design, Jennie and her team decided to add a hint of their own culture to her overall look. They did this through a simple addition to her hairstyle.

The inspiration for my hair was…we wanted to bring a little bit of our Korean culture.

— Jennie

The thick, headband-like braid that she had was a modern take on the traditional hair which was often seen in the Silla and Joseon periods. This lovely plaited braid is called ko meori (코머리). It was formed by braiding hair into two pigtails which was then pulled onto the top of one’s head.

This braided hair reminded us of a Korean traditional look.

— Jennie

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram
Kim So Eun in “Horse Doctor” | MBC

While the ko meori often features a ribbon threaded in between the plaits, Jennie wore a classic white camellia flower that is representative of the style of CHANEL’s former creative director, Karl Lagerfeld.

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She showed just how proud she is of her heritage in the simple hair arrangement.


Check out the full video below!

Source: thetalkingcupboard and YouTube


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