Why BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looks Sexier Without Bangs, According To A K-Beauty Consultant

She looks stunning either way. But which version of Jennie do you prefer?

When most BLINKs think of Jennie, they imagine her without bangs. RareLee, a K-Beauty consultant, explains Jennie’s iconic look.

Clearly a BLACKPINK fan, RareLee explains “BLACKPINK’s MVs are so fun. Their makeup and style are everchanging, so you never get bored.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

Many fans especially in Korea, feel that although Jennie is stunning in any look, the bang-less look suits her better.

“She looks good either way, but I’ll go into detail about why many feel she looks better without bangs.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

Her bang-less look is incredibly popular, and RareLee would know. Regardless of age or occupation, Jennie is often cited as the celebrity that her audience wants to mimic the most!

“During my style consultations, Jennie is often cited as the celebrity that everyone wants to look like.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

Jennie can pull off any look, but most notably shines when she does the sexy. The heavy makeup, accentuated eyeliner and eyeshadow, all combine to just slay.

“On stage or in photoshoots, she goes in on the heavy makeup, eyeliner and eyeshadow, to give off a sexy vibe.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

When you look at Jennie without the makeup, you can see that she has a babyface. Gone are the sexy vibes, and the loud facial features of her in performances are replaced by cuteness overload.

“When you strip away the makeup, you’re left with a babyfaced cutie. Very lovely.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

She’s got some cheek fat, and a decent amount of spacing between her pupils, giving her a lovely look.

“Her bearlike cheeks and spaced out eyes give her a lovely look.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

In addition, her nose gives her a naturally soft look. Contrasting Jennie with the actress Han Ga In, RareLee shows that pointiness of the nose is key in sharpening someone’s image.

“You can see that her nose isn’t pointy, or particularly high-bridged.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

The combination of her natural mild look and the ferocity of her makeup, is the secret to Jennie’s charm!

“When you put heavy makeup on someone like Jennie, you get both sexy and cute.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

The contrast, is key! Many people are drawn to Jennie because of this rare and unique combination.

“Jennie dons a makeup style in stark contrast to her mild look.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

Onto the topic of Jennie’s bangs, RareLee explains that Jennie’s bangs that cover the upper half of her eyebrows accentuates her cheek fat. Without bangs, she can show off her crescent moon shaped eyebrows, which can help with the sexy vibes

“Her arched eyebrows are her key to looking sexy.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

The eyebrows also help give volume and dimension to faces, RareLee explains. When bangs cover up her eyebrows, Jennie magically reverts to a youthful, cute look.

“Eyebrows give volume to the face, so when bangs cover them up, Jennie ends up looking youthful.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

Of course, Jennie looks great with bangs too. But the fans love her for her sexy-yet-dreamlike vibes, so that’s why many prefer her bang-less look.

“Dreamlike yet sexy vibes are Jennie’s selling point.” | 레어리RareLee/YouTube

Judge for yourselves, readers! Here’s Jennie with bangs…


…and here’s Jennie without bangs.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Which do you like better? Let us know in the comments!

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

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