BLACKPINK Jennie Looks Stunning In New Chum-Churum Soju Ad

This makes us want to hang out with Jennie!

Earlier this year, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie took over from Bae Suzy as the face of Chum-Churum soju.

| Lotte.

She has starred in a few commercials so far, but this is the first one that features her with other people. In this new commercial, she can be seen with a small group of friends, laughing and drinking soju.

There are a few closeup shots of Jennie and, unsurprisingly, she looks absolutely stunning!

The commercial is fun and cute, making us feel like we’re part of the fun as well.

Fans are absolutely loving seeing her as the face of the company! It seems as though Chum-Churum made a good decision in picking her as their newest model.

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You can watch the commercial on Chum-Churum’s official Instagram, @firstsoju.


Source: Instagram