BLACKPINK’s Jennie Breaks The Internet With Her Dance Cover… But It’s Only Here For A Few More Hours

Jennie absolutely slayed this choreo!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been known for her killer rap skills and impressive stage presence but there’s one skill she’s always excelled at that’s often overlooked.

With the help of YGX choreographer, Silvergun, Jennie surprised fans with an Instagram story dance cover of “Peaches” by Justin Bieber.

In the video, Jennie does the choreography extremely well, showing very strong control of her isolations and fluidity throughout.

In the caption of her story Jennie admitted that she wasn’t fully confident in her performance as it was her first day learning the choreography which is why she uploaded it to her story instead of somewhere more permanent.

Our 🍑 I didn’t get to share on YouTube
Here’s a practice video I’m sneaking…
It was on the first day I learned, so I made a lot of mistakes. But I had so much fun with my beloved Eunchong eonni so I’m sharing, even though it’s embarrassing. 🤍


Silvergun remained an encouraging teacher replying to Jennie with “Oh no T_T 🤍 My baby Jen practiced really hard for this though.

While this one may not have made Jennie’s YouTube channel, she has given us hope for a furute cover. In the second part of her story, she commented “Are you ready for the next one sis? @silvergunnnn,” and Silvergun’s replied “Totally 🤍 LET’SGETIT”.

Jennie later confessed on her Weverse that uploading the dance cover took a lot of bravery for her, saying

Hey BLINKs 🍑
I hope everyone’s doing well?!
You all got to see my Stories, right? Hehe
It’s really embarrassing, so I haven’t been able to post it for a while. But I decided to be brave and share. So… even if I’m a mess and make a lot of mistakes, please watch it for fun!
I miss you all so much✨
And the pic is my favorite sunset selfie 🌞”.  “BLINK 🍑


If fans missed out on her story, they might have a chance to catch the video on Twitter as the most popular upload has more than 345k views.

In their tweets, fans complimented Jennie’s skill with the difficult choreography.

Some confessed to watching the video on loop because they were so entranced.

While fans wished she would’ve uploaded the cover to YouTube, they were grateful for the glimpse they got and thankful to Silvergun for supporting Jennie along the way.

While Jennie may not have made this specific cover available herself, we can’t help but keep our hopes up for her channel in the future. After all, Silvergun’s final message on her story definitely implies that this won’t be the end of Jennie’s dance covers.

Hurry up and let’s practice🤍lol


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