Fans Rejoice After BLACKPINK’s Jennie Receives “The Rap She Deserves” In New “Pink Venom” Release

She killed it 🔥

BLACKPINK dropped their highly anticipated pre-release single, “Pink Venom,” on August 19. It was their first comeback since The Album dropped in 2020.

As soon as news of BORN PINK was revealed, many BLINKs took to social media to request for something specific: a rap part for Jennie.

Despite being the group’s main rapper, they noted that she mostly had vocal-heavy parts in recent title tracks and B-sides.

Their 2020 songs “How You Like That” and “ICE CREAM” were prime examples of this.

Jennie’s last rap verse in an official song was in “LOVESICK GIRLS” (2020) while her last major fast-paced one was in “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (2018).

Hopeful anticipation built up in the fandom during the group’s LIVE COUNTDOWN held an hour before the music video dropped. Rosé revealed a spoiler that the rap of Lisa and Jennie was amazing and that she wanted to do it as well.

I want to try the rappers’ parts. They are so cool. It’s just that they are cool so I desire their parts.

— Rosé

BLINKs confirmed this for themselves when “Pink Venom” dropped a few minutes later. In fact, Jennie opened up the song with a heavy rap that showed off her skills.

She had a main part not just once, but twice—and she even took up others!

Jennie was given the opportunity to open up the song with a rap, complete the second verse with another rap after Lisa‘s, do half of the rap-like chorus, and even lead the ending “RA TA TA TA” lines.

Needless to say, fans were rejoicing online at the overwhelming win. They called it “the rap lines [Jennie] deserves” and noted that she had a satisfactory number of parts.

It was a long time coming, and they couldn’t be happier!

Check out the full “Pink Venom” music video below.

Source: YouTube