Fans Speculate That BLACKPINK’s Jennie Will Attend The Porsche Event In Seoul, And We Can’t Be More Excited

It may just be yet another predestined collaboration for Jennie.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is synonymous with elegance, luxury, and style, and her speculated attendance for Porsche‘s pop-up event in Seoul (the event will be on 10/12) only further proves this correlation.

As if her name being plastered all over the wall isn’t enough, if you go to Porsche’s Korean social media page, you’ll see that the company teased their work with Jennie a few days ago. While her face isn’t revealed, BLINKs who know Jennie well can easily tell that it’s her.

For Porsche’s Sonderwunsch project, clients create a customized model of a pre-existing Porsche model, and the designs aren’t limited to exterior decorations; clients can also alter the performance parts of the car.

Even if Jennie’s name wasn’t written on the pop-up walls, fans would be able to tell that she’s Porsche’s latest client for the Sonderwunsch project due to her love for clouds.

Jennie’s legendary commercial for TAMBURINS also includes her pulling up in a red Porsche, perhaps a hint that this collab has been months in the making.

In fact, Jennie (and her mom) are loyal customers of Porsche as fans have discovered the many different Porsche models she’s owned over the years. Like how Jennie has loved Chanel ever since she was a child, it seems Jennie’s work with Porsche is yet another predestined partnership.

Besides being Porsche’s exclusive client, BLINKs have discovered that Porsche is one of the companies sponsoring BLACKPINK”s BORN PINK world tour, taking Jennie’s relationship with Porsche to the next level.

| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

This isn’t the first time Jennie’s work with a company has sponsored her activities. During a special YG episode on Game CaterersNa PD revealed that Gentle Monster had provided the funds for production.

With Porsche being the #1 luxury brand in both 2021 and 2022, we can safely bet that this upcoming world tour will pull out all the stops, guaranteeing BLINKs the concerts of a lifetime.

Jennie is a powerful queen, and we’re so excited to see the reveal of her Sonderwunsch project.


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