Jennie Posts a New Selfie with Her Mysterious Bestie in the U.S.

Wait, who’s that giving Jennie a back hug?

On February 13, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie uploaded a selfie to her official Instagram account along with the caption, “One of the pleasant things about working around the world is seeing your friends on a day off.

In the photo, Jennie can be seen taking a selfie in a mirror with another female who’s giving her a back hug. They’re both pouting and looking very much alike.

It might be difficult to make out who it is at first, but this friend is actually the South Korean top model, Jung Hoyeon.

Vogue has dubbed her as “Korea’s next top model“, and she currently ranks as one of the “Top 50” fashion models on

It appears that Jennie has quite the network of gorgeous friends.

Jennie is currently in the States promoting BLACKPINK on U.S. shows such as Stephen Colbert’s Late Night, Good Morning America, and Strahan and Sara.