“The Idol” Choreographer Spills An Unexpected TMI About BLACKPINK’s Jennie Filming Her “Sexy” Dance Scene

While the scene was controversial, there’s a lot more to it!

HBO‘s controversial show The Idol has finally come to an end, and while a lot of the series has been criticized, one person who has been praised is BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, who plays Dyanne.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie as Dyanne | HBO

Despite the show’s controversy, Jennie has shined in her role and gained attention from netizens for shining in a role that many thought had a disappointing story arc in the final episode.



In particular, one scene caught the attention of fans and showcased another side of Jennie. After Jocelyn was spotted practicing a very sexy dance…

In the next episode, Jennie shocked netizens after wearing her own sexy AF outfit to replicate the dance. While some netizens criticized the idol for such a provocative scene, many came to her defense and praised Jennie for taking on such a new kind of dance.


Well, it seems like netizens have even more reason to be impressed as a recent behind-the-scenes story from the filming showcases Jennie’s worth ethic. In an interview with the series’ choreographer Nina McNeely, she revealed that the scenes filming seemingly replicated the scene.

Choreographer Nina McNeely | @ninamcneely/Instagram

In the interview, she revealed that due to Jennie’s busy schedule with BLACKPINK, the idol couldn’t attend the show’s dance rehearsals. She then revealed that despite all of this, when McNeely showed up on the set, Jennie had learned the entire routine from a video.

McNeely revealed how surprised she was at the speed at which Jennie learned the choreography but also how well it was done.

I was shocked, because it’s a long, four-minute dance, and she had to know her part and Lily’s part. I was completely blown away by how solid she had it just from learning from the video.

— Nina McNeely

Unsurprisingly, McNeely linked this skill to her experience as part of BLACKPINK, describing it as the “machine of rehearsing and really getting it perfect.” She then explained that it only took a quick run-through of each part for Jennie to shoot both Jocelyn and Dyanne’s roles.

Jenny and Lily-Rose Depp | HBO

As expected from Jennie, despite her busy schedules, she ensured to be fully prepared for filming. While her role wasn’t as big as many expected, Jennie put 110% into the character and it showed as the idol was able to shine in the small amount of scenes she showed.

You can read more about the finale of the series below.

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